Tips for Keeping Houseplants Healthy During a Move

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you cannot bring your favorite houseplants with you. In the age of green living and being a #plantmother, we are recognizing the true benefits to having live plants in our homes. Follow this schedule to prepare your plants for safe transport to your new home:

Moving with Houseplants

One Month from Move Date: Plants that are in clay pots need to be moved into plastic containers that are the same size as the original clay pot. If the plastic container is not the same size, the plant can be greatly affected.

Two Weeks from Move Date: Larger plants need to be pruned in order to maintain the health of the plant during transport. It is easier to move more compact plants. Do not prune succulents as they do not respond well to pruning.

One Week from Move Date: Thoroughly check plants to ensure that there are no insects or parasites living on them.

Two Days Before Move: Water your plants, but be sure not to overwater. In winter months, overwatering can lead to plants freezing. In warmer months, overwatering can lead to fungus growth.

Moving Day: Plants should be packed either in the morning on moving day or the night before. If possible, avoid placing plants in a trunk. If being stored for an extended period of time, plants should be placed to avoid direct sunlight. If traveling for one day, plants do not need to be watered. If traveling for three or more days, plants will need to be watered and exposed briefly to sunlight. When making stops, if plants are packed in the car, crack a window to allow fresh air in.

After arriving at your new home, unpack your plants and enjoy!

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