Packing Hacks for Shoes

Packing shoes for your move requires thought and strategy. Shoes can be awkward, bulky, and difficult to pack. Here are four steps to follow when packing your shoes for your move:

  1. Packing Hacks for ShoesCategorize: The first thing to do is to separate shoes by type. For example, sandals, high heels, boots, tennis shoes, etc. Dispose of the shoes that you are not going to wear anymore or set them aside for charity or a garage sale.
  2. Clean: Examine your shoes carefully and clean those that need cleaning. Be sure that they are completely dry before packing.
  3. Filter: Collect the shoes that you will not need for a few weeks and pack them first using strong cardboard boxes. If you store your shoes in their original box, use those for packing.
  4. Pack: Begin by stuffing your shoes with crumpled packing paper. Avoid using newspaper as it can leave stains on shoes. Stuffing your shoes will help them keep their shape during your move. Wrap packing paper around your first pair of shoes, place one shoe on the end of the packing paper and roll until the shoe is wrapped completely. Then add the second shoe until it is fully wrapped. This method of packing with keep your shoes in great shape during your move. For boots, it is best to wrap each boot separately. After wrapping, place them in their original box or in a larger cardboard box.

By following these simple steps, your shoes will arrive at your new home in tiptop shape!

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