Moving Tips: How to Prepare for Your Move

Preparing for a move can be hectic. Between finding the right professional moving company to packing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have everything covered for your upcoming move:

Moving Estimate

  • Show the mover everything you are planning to move and make sure all of the items are included in the moving company’s estimate.
  • Carefully review the estimate to ensure all required moving services are included.
  • Ask the move consultant to thoroughly explain Valuation so that you can choose the proper level of coverage for your belongings.
  • Read our Blog to learn how to obtain an accurate moving estimate.

Booking Your Move

  • Book your move at least two weeks before your desired move date.
  • During the peak summer moving season, book your move well in advance to secure a moving date. Movers are at full capacity during the summer months and it may be difficult to find a professional moving company to handle your move without advanced planning.
  • Schedule your move for mid-month, when possible. End of the month move dates are in high demand.
  • Request written confirmation of your scheduled moving date.


  • Whether you are packing yourself or have hired the moving company to pack, thoroughly check the inside and outside of your house to make sure everything has been packed and is carefully labeled/inventoried. Here are some easy-to-forget areas:
    • Top shelves and tops of cabinets
    • Stove drawers
    • Underneath beds
    • Tops of appliances
    • Underneath stairways
    • Storage areas
    • Bathroom drawers and cabinets
    • Yard
  • Check out our Blog for great tips on packing everything from shoes to dishware, and more!

Moving Day

  • Clear your driveway and walkways of all items, snow, ice, etc. before the moving van arrives so that the moving crew has easy and safe access to the house.
  • Check the inventory list to ensure that all of your belongings have been loaded on the van and arrive at your destination.
  • Confirm that all assembly work (beds, tables, etc.) has been completed by the crew before they depart.
  • Inspect the house and your belongings for any damage and have the crew record the damage before they leave the premises.
  • Request a claim form from the mover’s office; if required.

Selecting a professional moving company can ease many of the frustrations of moving. Interstate has been moving people for over 70 years and offers a variety of services to meet your individual needs and budget. Our highly experienced team of Move Consultants will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation.

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