How to Create an Inventory Sheet for your Next Move.

Creating an inventory sheet helps track and categorize your belongings. This is time consuming endeavor, but a very worthwhile one. If you are using a professional moving company, begin creating your inventory list as soon as possible. If you are moving yourself, wait until you are ready to pack and create an inventory list as you pack.

How to Create an Inventory Sheet for your Next Move.Create:  The inventory sheet should have four columns for each individual item. For an easy downloadable spreadsheet click here

Document:  Begin with one room. Document furniture, decor, jewelry, etc. (do not document individual items such as books). Documented item descriptions should include:

  1. A description
  2. The value
  3. The condition
  4. The location within the house

Take Photos: Take photos of your belongings in case you have to file a claim after the move.

Take the extra step to create a thorough inventory sheet. It will prove invaluable when you are unpacking your belongings at your new house! 

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