Choosing a Moving Date

Picking a moving date is an important part of the moving process. Consider these tips before finalizing your moving date.


Create a realistic moving budget. Ask friends or family for help during your move if you have a limited budget. Consider estimates from multiple moving companies and choose the estimate that works best for you and your budget.


Do you need extra days to unpack your belongings? Should you give yourself some more time to retrieve items from storage? Are you having furniture delivered and need to be there for the delivery? Ask yourself questions to ensure that you are accommodating all of your needs.

Movers Availability:

It is important to be as flexible as possible when choosing a moving date. Professional moving companies may be completely booked for the move day you wanted. It is recommended to find two or three moving days that work well with your schedule in case you are not able to book your first choice, especially during the summer peak moving season.


If you are currently renting, read through your current rental agreement prior to moving. You want to make sure that you will not be violating your rental agreement when you move.


f you have children, be aware of how moving will affect their schedules. Try to pick dates that are more convenient for school schedules, such as the summer or holidays. Be aware that these are also very popular moving times, so plan ahead!

Time Constraints:

Be realistic about how much time moving will take. If you have to start a new job on a certain day, make sure that you will be fully moved by then. It is best to plan an additional day for moving just in case of any emergency.

Follow these steps to help you pick the best moving date for your schedule!

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