The Challenges of Moving and Solutions That Help Reduce Stress

Moving can be freeing–the de-cluttering, new space, reorganization and the discovery of old mementos and memories during the packing process. But, moving can also be stressful, expensive, and time consuming. Here are some of the common challenges associated with moving and some solutions to make your move as positive and stress-free as possible:


  • Problem: Let’s face it, moving is stressful. When you move, you are embarking on a new journey in an unfamiliar area, workplace and even climate. You have to adapt to your new environment. Encountering situations and experiences can be overwhelming at times.

    Solution:  To help reduce feeling overwhelmed by the moving process, only move what you really need. Decide which of your items you use with regularity. Donate or dispose of the rest. Doing so will not only help you eliminate excess, it will lower the cost of your move. Next, start packing early and label everything carefully. Make a checklist and follow it. Generally, we recommend that you start packing at least three weeks before your move. This will help ease some of your stres
  • Problem: Moving is expensive. All moves cost money, whether you are moving yourself with the help of family and friends, or are hiring a professional moving company. You will need plenty of moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, Sharpies, and other supplies.

    Solution: Ask friends, neighbors and coworkers for used boxes from their previous move. You can also look online for ways to reduce the cost of moving supplies. Craig’s List is an excellent resource to find cheap or even free moving materials such as boxes or bubble wrap. Another solution is to check for coupons on boxes and other supplies online. Tip: liquor stores generally have tons of boxes at their disposal.
  • Problem: Moving is time consuming. There is a lot of tedious work that goes into moving. After finding your new home, it is time to decide how you are going to move your belongings to your new home. Packing and moving takes a tremendous amount of time, so early on in the process decide if you will move yourself or hire a professional mover. Don't forget that if you do decide to move yourself, you need to buy all the necessary moving supplies and most likely rent a truck.

    Solution: If you have limited time, you may consider hiring a professional mover who can even pack for you. Be sure to contact at least three moving companies to obtain a free moving estimate and thoroughly compare services and pricing. Learn more by reading Don’t Make a Move Until You Ask These Questions.

Moving can be hard, but there are many ways to make it less stressful, less costly, and less time consuming. If you are in need of a free moving quote from a moving company with 75 years of experience moving people around the world, contact one of our highly experienced Move Consultants. They will be happy to craft a move that meets your individual needs and budget.  

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