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Status Update: I’m Moving.

When you are moving, you want to shout it from the rooftops. Whether you want to give people a heads up about your change of address, or vent openly about the trials and tribulations everyone faces during an impending move, security experts warn against publicly posting about your transition on social media. Here’s why: would-be burglars might see it as the perfect opportunity to break in and make off with your prized possessions.

Holiday Safety Tips

Don't let your holidays be ruined by becoming a victim of crime. With many flocking to  stores over the next few weeks in search of deals and gifts for the holidays, criminals targeting shoppers will be on the lookout for potential victims. Extended store hours and larger crowds attract this type of criminal activity.

How Colder Climates May Impact Your Move

As you may know, the moving industry has a seasonal surge of business during the summer months when children are out of school. Due to the high volume, moving during the summer can certainly be challenging, but is not the only time of year that requires special planning for a move. Moving during the cooler months or in colder climates can have its own challenges if you are not properly prepared.

Moving Tips: How to Move and Keep the Kids Happy at the Same Time.

You’re moving, so these days, you’re constantly juggling. You should be able to pack up your entire house, move and unpack, and still maintain your status as Parent of the Year, right? Just keep in mind that your move will be a short footnote in your family’s story. And although it may seem like the moving process is packing in all your time, be sure to make some time for your kids, and involve them as best as you can.

Moving Tips: How to Label Boxes

Forget thinking outside the box; today, we actually want you to think on the box. Planning ahead about the way you label your boxes, and actually taking a little bit of extra time to properly label can save you lots of time when you go to unpack. Too often we think, I’ll remember what I packed! In reality, once you have reached your destination, you will be surrounded by boxes that all look alike, going on less sleep than normal, and amped up on caffeine. There is no way you will remember what you packed in each box.

Moving Tips: How to Keep Pets Happy and Safe During a Move

You get so wrapped up in your move that it’s easy to forget about your furry, four-legged family members. Here are some steps to take to make sure your pets are ready for the transition.

Tips from the Pro: Hang Onto Your TV Boxes.

Your television was designed by top engineers. Did you know that the original protective box and packing materials that come with your television were also designed by top engineers? That’s why it’s always a good idea to hang onto your TV boxes and materials, because you might need them when you move. After you find the perfect spot in your house for your TV, find a clean, dry, out-of-the-way spot to store your TV box, such as your garage, attic or basement.

Tips from the Pro: Designate a “Safe Place” for Do Not Move Items.

Moving day is rapidly approaching. As you’re packing, you’re probably thinking of the things that you want to take with you as you travel to your new home: a few days and nights of clothing for you and your family, medication, toiletries, pet food, toilet paper, batteries, a flashlight, cleaning supplies to get your new space ready, etc.

Our Best Advice When Moving Overseas: Let a Professional Moving Company Pack Your Boxes.

In the moving industry, moving companies often serve customers who pack their own moving boxes. The industry term for this is PBO, literally meaning “Packed by Owner.” Reasons for self-packing vary from person-to-person and from situation-to-situation.

It is important to note that when moving to an overseas destination, it is critical that moving boxes be packed by a professional moving company. The contracted moving company must certify to both the exporting and importing governments and the steamship line and/or airline that it knows what items are packed in each box and that there are no prohibited or contraband items. The company also must inform the insurance company that is issuing coverage for the contents of the shipment that the items are in good condition and free from claim at the time of packing and loading.

Practice Makes Perfect: Interstate’s Innovative Talking Training House.

In 1976, Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics unveiled one of the greatest examples of its commitment to excellence in quality and customer service, a fully furnished, on-site training house.  Thirty-eight years later, Interstate’s training house continues to impress and plays a vital role in the 80 hours of education and training required for new employees.

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